Feb. 4th, 2011

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There seem to be a few decent things coming up on the telly that I am determined to make the effort to watch. I managed to get all the way through Marchlands last night - and it wasn't bad. A bit of a slow start maybe, but I think it needed to be given the premise or it could have got very confusing very fast. The mystery is intriguing enough for me to want to watch again next week - although I'm not sure that Alex Kingston's "eh-oop!" northern accent is especially convincing!

The really scary thing though is that I keep forgetting that 1987 isn't just a few years ago now...

I watched the first two episodes of Boardwalk Empire on the new Sky Atlantic channel, which also promises a lot more new drama - whether I'll have time to watch any of it remains to be seen. But I liked Empire. The good thing about HBO (and other US cable) shows is that they're usually only 12-13 weeks long - and while I like to have good telly to watch, these days, committing to something for 22 or 23 weeks can be difficult.

The new BBC sci-fi thingy, Outcasts starts on Monday, so I'll be giving that a go, too.

Other than that, I'm catching up with S3 of Lie to Me. I still think Tim Roth is going a bit OOT with the physical mannerisms, but things seem to be picking up a bit on the storyline front, so I'll stick with it. How many more episodes are there?

Fringe continues to be awesome, and White Collar to be entertaining and well-made telly, so I'm sticking with those as well.

Sky keeps trailing a new series called Bedlam which looks a bit weird. Anyone know what that's about?

I have yet to catch up with Misfits and Being Human. I hate being so behind, but I keep promising myself that I'll get there!


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