Sep. 20th, 2011

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I wasn't around much last week, because I was doing something I haven't done for over eleven years - buying a car!

Mr Caz and I spent hours on the internet looking at various models and manufacturers, reading reviews, working out insurance costs and likely fuel consumption, honestly, it was exhausting!

(I know very little about cars, other than that they should have a wheel at each corner, an engine, a gearbox and a battery and that you have to put oil and water in them from time to time!)

But having decided to go for a Japansese car for reliability (we also have a Toyota, my parents have one and we've had no problems with either) we ended up at the dealership at the bottom of the road and have bought ourselves a four-year old, low mileage Toyota Verso. I think it's what's known as an MPV, but one of those that can seat seven if you need it. Hopefully, we'll be able to pick it up early next week.

In the meantime, we've got to decide what to do with my old car (a Mitsubishi). It's thirteen years old and has just under 96,000 miles on the clock - most of that clocked up in the last four years when I've been doing 350 miles per week to work and back. We've had a few problems with it, but nothing really major, and it's been a good runner. But it needs a bit of bodywork done and I'm pretty sure it's going to need a new gearbox soon, plus, I think the brakes might need looking at - so I'm very much afraid the old girl is going to have to be consigned to the breaker's yard :(

It seems rather an ignominious end for a car that's given us twelve years of sterling service; but we've looked around and asked around - and it seems that there's nothing else we can do.


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