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The latest Eighth Doctor adventure (and the first since Feb/March) was released yesterday. It wasn't due out until the end of the month, but good ol' Big Finish put it out early, so I nabbed my copy and decided to save it to listen to when I'm in France next week.

Alas - I've never been very good at delayed gratification, and there was a large pile of ironing glowering at me last night, so...

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Oct. 19th, 2011 12:21 am
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I made Pumpkin Pie yesterday :-) By the time we'd all had a bit, there was just under half of it left, plenty for dessert today.

Until, that is... Cazlet #1 went into the kitchen and saw a black and white blur whizz past her and then noticed the teethmarks in what was left of the pie.

Tippi is henceforth to be known as the Pussycat Pumpkin Pie Pilferer.

The Pumpkin, Apple and Pecan muffins I made today are now under lock and key.
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It’s no secret that I've become rather disullusioned with Doctor Who of late. I don't plan to stop watching any time soon, because on some levels, I still enjoy it - I just have to accept that much of what I'm watching is going to be pretty much bereft of decent characterisation and character development and overly concerned with convoluted plots that don't make much sense in the end.

Anyway, that mini-rant isn't the purpose of this post. Instead, I wanted to suggest to any of my fellow fans who are a bit fed up with Moff's version of DW, that they turn their attention towards the work being done by those splendid chaps over at Big Finish.

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I've been away from the computer for a couple of days - the weather has been so bloody good; far too good to waste it sitting inside hunched over a keyboard! But I can't let the weekend pass without some thinky-thoughts on the Doctor Who finale.

There was good and bad - but mostly I'm pretty ambivalent about it. I don't feel quite as let down as I did by The Big Bang, but I suspect that's because my expectations weren't very high to begin with.

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I haven't posted much lately about Wot I 'ave Bin Watching on the telly. Partly, that's because I've not been watching much and partly it's because I just haven't got around to it.

But with the new seasons starting on both sides of the Pond, I thought it was time to ask what people are going to be watching and/or looking forward to later.

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So what's everyone else watching/looking forward to?
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Just a quick drive-by to say thank you to everyone for the birthday wishes and gifts.

It's been an ... odd... year, to say the least, but I'm still alive and kicking - and there has been CAAAAKE!

Ta luvvies! xx
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I've been looking forward to this one since I heard that James Corden was returning to DW to reprise his role as Craig. I thought The Lodger was one of the best episodes of S5 and I've enjoyed Gareth Roberts' work on both DW and SJA, so I was predisposed to like Closing Time anyway.

And like it I did.

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Gakked from [ profile] teresadivicenzo

You are the Fifth Doctor
You are the Fifth Doctor
Take The Doctor Who Personality Test and Horoscope today!
Created with Rum and Monkey's Personality Test Generator.
You are a kind hearted and somewhat shy person. You love cricket and celery, in that order. You like to walk with big strides and always speak as if you are out of breath. You like to have a large group of friends, some of whom will do nothing but complain, but you always remain civil to them. You will kill a teenager in front of your friends who will resent you for it. You will sacrifice yourself to save some chick with lucious rack.

There are certainly a number of teenagers I'd be tempted to murder on a daily basis! And I'm not sure about the cricket, but I DO like celery ;-)
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I love DWM, I really do. Although these days, I tend to read it from about the middle to the end first, because that's the part that has all the video, book and audio reviews and the "Fact of Fiction" section. I'm not so enthusiastic when it comes to reading the stuff about the current series.

But I digress. What I'm moaning about is this.
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I wasn't around much last week, because I was doing something I haven't done for over eleven years - buying a car!

Mr Caz and I spent hours on the internet looking at various models and manufacturers, reading reviews, working out insurance costs and likely fuel consumption, honestly, it was exhausting!

(I know very little about cars, other than that they should have a wheel at each corner, an engine, a gearbox and a battery and that you have to put oil and water in them from time to time!)

But having decided to go for a Japansese car for reliability (we also have a Toyota, my parents have one and we've had no problems with either) we ended up at the dealership at the bottom of the road and have bought ourselves a four-year old, low mileage Toyota Verso. I think it's what's known as an MPV, but one of those that can seat seven if you need it. Hopefully, we'll be able to pick it up early next week.

In the meantime, we've got to decide what to do with my old car (a Mitsubishi). It's thirteen years old and has just under 96,000 miles on the clock - most of that clocked up in the last four years when I've been doing 350 miles per week to work and back. We've had a few problems with it, but nothing really major, and it's been a good runner. But it needs a bit of bodywork done and I'm pretty sure it's going to need a new gearbox soon, plus, I think the brakes might need looking at - so I'm very much afraid the old girl is going to have to be consigned to the breaker's yard :(

It seems rather an ignominious end for a car that's given us twelve years of sterling service; but we've looked around and asked around - and it seems that there's nothing else we can do.
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I've been AWOL from here for a while and didn't get around to posting my thoughts on The Girl Who Waited )

I said after LKH that I was looking to the four standalone episodes between LKH and the series finale to regenerate my enthusiasm for Doctor Who, and I have to say that the three that have aired so far have been some of the most enjoyable episodes of S6.

The God Complex was creepy and claustrophobic, starting out as one thing and turning into another. Toby Whithouse is forever on my "good" list for penning School Reunion, and here again, he gets to show us something of the Doctor's darker side and to get under his skin, just a little. It's not that we were told anything we didn't already know - I suppose I just wasn't expecting it at this point in the series.
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Gah. I'm away from LJ for 3 days and it's taken me about an hour to catch up! And even then, there are some posts I've skimmed and need to go back to read properly.

The absence was due to more visitors staying over the weekend - hence more tidying up, more cooking with the kids etc. Cazlet #2 baked a cake pretty much all by herself (under supervision of course), Cazlet #1 made apple crumble and we all had hands in various other things which emerged from the kitchen!

I also made a really awesome Citrus Pudding. It's simple to make and it tastes fantastic - the one drawback is the fact that it takes ages to zest the fruit :( But it's worth it in the end as you end up with a lovely crunchy sponge on top of a zingy sauce underneath. Yum.

I've had a massive, post-summer clothes-clearout today, too. I can actually close the drawers and shut the wardrobe, but I doubt that'll last long. So there is a trip to the charity shop and the clothes bank in my future.

I watched DW on Saturday but haven't had time to write anything about it yet and I'm too tired now, so maybe tomorrow.
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Things have been a bit busy this week, which is why I'm somewhat behind on reading and commenting on stuff.

On Tuesday, Mr Caz's step-mum and his sister and other half came down for a couple of days. Sister and OH stayed at the Premier Inn just up the road (we could have put them up, but I think that OH likes to be able to get away from the kids!) and step-mum stayed with us, so Sunday and Monday were occupied in "Operation Tidy-Up" (*starts whistling The Great Escape!*)

It's nice to have the house a bit tidier than usual, but the downside is that Mr Caz puts things where nobody can ever find them again. As a result, we spent hours on Tuesday evening looking for the Sky remote, which was eventually discovered at the bottom of a basket full of ironing. I. Don't. Even...

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Anyone who reads my LJ either regularly or just for telly-related stuff knows (I hope) that I try to offer a considered opinion and to express my views politely.



Aug. 13th, 2011 11:09 pm
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Je suis revenue de la France et nous avons tous passé de bonnes vacances :-)

Weather was comme-ci, comme-ça, but given we were only about an hour from the French coast, that wasn't so surprising. More details and photos to follow.

I've had no internet access for 2 weeks and no emails (the roaming charges on mobiles are just astronomical!) so I'm pretty out of the loop. It's Cazlet #2's birthday on Monday, so I've got presents to wrap and cake to make and I'm not likely to be able to catch up with "stuff" for a couple of days.

So, LJ peeps, what's going on that I should know about?
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I found this on tumblr and it made me smile.

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Cazlet #1's school finished for the summer holidays yesterday so we had a day out. We did shopping, lunch and went to see Deathly Hallows Pt 2, which I thought was really good.

No real spoilers about HP, and some stuff that's coming soon... )


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