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I didn't get around to posting anything about the second of Big Finish's audios featuring Eight and Mary Shelley, so as the third has just been released, I thought I might as well kill two birds with one stone.

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The latest Eighth Doctor adventure (and the first since Feb/March) was released yesterday. It wasn't due out until the end of the month, but good ol' Big Finish put it out early, so I nabbed my copy and decided to save it to listen to when I'm in France next week.

Alas - I've never been very good at delayed gratification, and there was a large pile of ironing glowering at me last night, so...

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It’s no secret that I've become rather disullusioned with Doctor Who of late. I don't plan to stop watching any time soon, because on some levels, I still enjoy it - I just have to accept that much of what I'm watching is going to be pretty much bereft of decent characterisation and character development and overly concerned with convoluted plots that don't make much sense in the end.

Anyway, that mini-rant isn't the purpose of this post. Instead, I wanted to suggest to any of my fellow fans who are a bit fed up with Moff's version of DW, that they turn their attention towards the work being done by those splendid chaps over at Big Finish.

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I've finished listening to the Big Finish DW audios featuring the Eighth Doctor, Charley and C'Rizz. They were originally produced between January 2001 and late 2007, so I've obviously come to them pretty late in the day. Not that it matters. I've enjoyed listening to them on the whole, even though there were a couple I struggled to get through. But there are more than 25 of them, so I suppose they can't all be belters.

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I've been listening to more Big Finish DW audios over the last couple of months, but I haven't got around to posting my thoughts on them. I've started to 'branch out' and listen to Doctors other than Eight as well although the EDAs have formed the bulk of my listening so far.

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Amid all the hoo-ha surrounding the advent of S6 of DW on telly, I had a chance to listen to a few more Eighth Doctor audios while I was on Easter hols. As with the ones I've already heard, the last lot I’ve listened to are a mixed bunch, including a couple of blinders, something that should have been awesome (and sadly wasn't) and something I didn't really care for at all.

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