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Here's the last of the picspams I did for the blogathon. The entry before this was a discussion about Sorkin’s “Couples” , so what better way to follow that than with some spam of the characters who became (probably) the most popular couple across all his work – The West Wing’s Josh and Donna. I know there are some out there who didn't like them together, but I make no apologies for the fact that I adored them - and it’s my spam, so there!

This one turned into a word and picspam, so it's looooooong... and as this was a Sorkin related blogathon, as with all these entries, I was limited to TWW S1-4. Oh, and I had to bear in mind that some of the people reading it might not be as well-versed in WW and J/D as most of you probably are!

Thank God. There's a pile of stuff on the desk. )
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To go along with the spam of the guys in tuxes, it was only fair to devote one to the ladies in their pretty frocks.

Thing is, it was practically impossible to find pics of the girls on their own - they're mostly in group shots or with the guys, but you're not gonna complain about that are you? :)

Let's start with the eponymous Black Vera Wang then, shall we? )
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Here are the rest of the picspams I did for the blogathon at the weekend, in case you didn't get a chance to come over and have a look. Having devoted spams to Brad and Matt, it was time for the other Sorkin men to get a look in. Here in one handy place, the Sorkin Men in Black – or guys in tuxes if you will. I think it’s pretty much a given that a well-tailored tuxedo will make any guy look good… but I think it works the other way around here!

This is how they dress in times of occasion. )
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So after the Bradspam, came the Mattspam... (there are a couple of pics of Brad in here though. Funny that...)

Having to go through all those pics of Brad over and over again was really tough, and having to do it again with Matt, well... another tough one, but I play with pain. ;)

Matt's cute too! )
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I'm afraid I spammed you all at the weekend about the blogathon over at [ profile] 24hrs_of_sorkin which [ profile] hooloovoo_42 set up to raise money for Tipitina's Foundation. (And you can still donate, btw, at their website.)

Anyway, to give her the occasional break, I contributed a few entries by way of a new fic and some picspams, and I thought that those of you who didn't get over to join us at the weekend might like a looksee at what I came up with.

When she said she wanted to include a post called “How Hot is Brad?” in the blogathon, I naturally offered her copious amounts of chocklit, cake and a small fortune in order to land the job!

So, it was really tough trawling through all those pics to find the ones that best demonstrate the hotness that is Bradley Whitford, but I think I managed it to my satisfaction!

The problem of course was keeping this post to a manageable size, and I was threatened with a head of cabbage and a two by four if I didn’t restrain myself at least a little bit. Looking at all that pretty has almost certanly affected my ability to count, but I was supposed to include 5 Brad, 5 Danny Tripp and 10 Josh Lyman (and I was limited to S1-4 of The West Wing because the blog was Sorkin-related, but there's one pic from S7 that was far too hot to leave out!)

So.... just how hot is Brad? )
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I had a great time helping [ profile] hooloovoo_42 out at her blogathon entry this year. I at least managed to get about 4 hours sleep overnight, which was more than she or [ profile] teresadivicenzo got, but I still needed a nap this afternoon!

Last I heard, she'd been sponsored to the tune of over $400 - so thanks to all of you who pledged and dropped by [ profile] 24hrs_of_sorkin to join in the competitions and discussions and stuff. The money she's raised is going to Tipitina's Foundation, and if you want more info on who they are and what they're doing, it's all in the links at the comm. And if you didn't get to stop by, but would like to donate, there's a link there you can use, or you can just go to their website at

Part of my contribution to the proceedings was a number of picspams - of Brad, Matt, Josh & Donna and the guys and girls all dressed up in tuxes and posh frocks - and I was thinking that, once I've regained something approaching normal consciousness, I'll dig them out and re-post them here so you can all enjoy the pretty if you didn't get to see them yesterday.

other stuff... )
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Well, more precisely, over at [ profile] 24hrs_of_sorkin, where there's a discussion on the go about Sorkin's couples and I'm about to post a loooooong Josh and Donna picspam.

There's still a few hours to go, and plenty of good stuff you can catch up on if you want, so come over and play!
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It is done and I did it - I posted a yummy picspam over at [ profile] 24hrs_of_sorkin.

There's more to follow, so come over and part with some cash, okay? :)
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Over at [ profile] 24hrs_of_sorkin, we're just gearing up into polling for fave eps of WW, I'll be posting fic soon and there are more competitions,discussions and picspams still to come.

PLEASE - DON'T FORCE [ profile] teresadivicenzo AND I TO WRITE MORE BADFIC.

Believe me when I tell you that you really DON'T want that to happen!

See you there!
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' afternoon to my fellow Brits and ' mornin' to those of you across the pond who are probably still contemplating breakfast!

Just to remind you that [ profile] hooloovoo_42 has started her 24 hour sponsored blog in aid of Tipitina's Foundation.

Come over to [ profile] 24hrs_of_sorkin to find out what's going on and join in. There'll be competitions and even prizes *gasp* later on, plus discussions, polls, picspams and lots of other stuff.

Last I heard she was threatening to either a) have me and [ profile] teresadivicenzo post more badfic OR b) to withold the Brad picspam I've done if there aren't enough pledges. Now, if you've read our badfic, or know what to expect from a picspam of mine, I'm sure you'll agree that either or both of those would be extremely cruel and unusual punishments.

So come on over and play! :)
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Just to remind you about [ profile] hooloovoo_42's blogathon this weekend - Sat/Sun, 28/29 July. She's going to be blogging at [ profile] 24hrs_of_sorkin from 2pm (BST) (9am EST) on Saturday, one Sorkin-related entry every 30 minutes for 24 hours.

So as to make sure she doesn't starve and to allow for bathroom breaks, [ profile] teresadivicenzo and I will be contributing a few entries too - I've done a few(!) picspams and hopefully will be contributing a little something else, and Tracy is going to blog about some of Sorkin's lesser known stuff and themes in his work.

We'd love to see you over at the comm at some point over those 24 hours - and if you can spare a few quid/dollars to sponsor her (she's raising money for Tipitina's Foundation) that'd be great too.

All the details of how you can do that are here.
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As I'm sure most of you know, because you belong to the same comms as I do, Studio 60 fans both here and at other message boards and fora have generously donated in excess of $3,200 to Tipitina's Foundation, which is working to restore and preserve the musical heritage of New Orleans.

As a way to continue our fundraising efforts, [ profile] hooloovoo_42 has signed up for this year's 24 hour blogathon, which is taking place on 28/29 July. She - assisted by myself and [ profile] teresadivicenzo - will be blogging once every half-hour over at [ profile] 24hrs_of_sorkin about (mostly) Sorkin-related matters, and everyone's invited to come and play!

Clicking on the banner (designed by the obscenely talented [ profile] coloneljack) will take you to the blogathon pledge page, where you can pledge a few quid or dollars - you don't have to pay anything now, but at the end of the 'thon', you'll be told how to send your money to Tipitina's. (see note below.)

So come over and join the community [ profile] 24hrs_of_sorkin. You'll be able to comment even if you're not a member, but joining will mean you can keep up with all the posts. You don't have to pledge to join in either, but it would be nice if you can.

[ profile] hooloovoo_42's got a list of things planned - there'll be picspams, discussions, competitions and even, yes, PRIZES! Because that's how we do it in England, baby! :)

So click on the banner to make your pledge, and then come over and join us on 28/29 July.

Please feel free to pimp this on your own LJs and tell all your friends - the more the merrier! More fun, and hopefully, more money for Tipitina's.

See you there!

ETA: from [ profile] hooloovoo_42. It seems that you have to log in to the blogathon site in order to sponsor people. This is so that the nice Blogathon organisers can send you emails so you know it's all legit and I'm not running off with all your dosh. Once you sign up, there is a list of all the people who are taking part. You can sort this alphabetically by blog or by charity and search for either 24hrs_of_sorkin or Tipitina's Foundation. But the easiest way to do it should be to sign in, then go back and click on the link above again, which should take you direct to my pledge page. Sorry it's such a faff. I really don't remember it being like this when I sponsored people last year.


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