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I’ve just finished listening to Murray Gold’s soundtrack to A Christmas Carol and have a few thoughts to share.

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Blink was on telly last night, and as a result the girls wanted to watch the S5 Angels two-parter.

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Having seen and been inspired by the housekeeping posts made by some of my f-listees, I thought I should probably have a look through all the fandom-related rambling I did in 2010 and see if it warranted organising. To my surprise, there was quite a lot of it.

Here, then are the thinky-thoughts, reviews, picspams, fanfic and meta that I posted last year:

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Um. Well, I’m not sure what to make of that, actually. I enjoyed it, but – it left me feeling a bit flat, and I’m trying to work out why.

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Like everyone else, I’ve been reading and thinking and re-reading and thinking some more in the hope of coming up with a theory as to what the hell is going on and how on earth our hero is going to get out of this one!

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It's taken me a while to cull my masses of random thoughts on the episode into something vaguely resembling a coherent post. And it's still probably not that coherent - more of a ramble about stuff that happened. I've only watched it once so far, so I'm sure there's stuff I've missed.

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I've still got a smile on my face after that one :-) Moff & Co seem to have been saving up the best episodes until last (assuming the last two are awesome of course!), what with last week's wonderful Van Gogh episode and now another one from Gareth Roberts. I was pleased to see he was on board again this series, becuase he wrote two of my favourite episodes of nu-Who - The Shakespeare Code and The Unicorn and the Wasp.

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I've had a few more thoughts about the episode since I posted my review on Saturday. I haven't had a chance to rewatch it yet, so I'm going on what I remember from just the one viewing,

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Well. That was… a pretty fantastic final ten minutes.

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I’ve been having a lot of fun lately sticking my oar into various discussions about the new series of Doctor Who - mostly along the lines of what the hell is going on? - speculating, theorising about the crack in the universe, the village that time forgot, why River Song was arrested in the first place and whether we should have a-whip-round to buy Karen Gillan some acting lessons and a pair of leggings… you know the sort of thing.

In which I ponder many things and even manage to get in some musical metaphors along the way! Oh - and by the way, it's VERY long. )
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I didn’t get to watch yesterday because I was out, so I’ve done my best to avoid reading too much about the episode.

I think that was the best episode of the new series so far – and Simon Nye needs to write more Doctor Who.

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There has already been speculation as to why Eleven wasn't keen on the idea of running into Casanova.

Heh. I do like a good in-joke.

Reminds me - I really must finish that bloody crack!fic I started ages ago. *waits for [ profile] zinke to slap me about a bit!*

Anyway. On to this week's episode.

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This is more of a muddle of thoughts I’ve written down as a result of watching Flesh and Stone than it is an actual recap of the plot. You all saw it – you know what happened, right?

there might be some spoilers lurking under here )
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Well, that was... the best episode of the new series (so far).

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This was old-skool Who – a ridiculous and totally bonkers adventure story. I really needed this one after being left a bit cold by The Beast Below last week.

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Well. Here we go again.

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