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Well, I confess I wasn't expecting much, so I wasn't all that disappointed.

Oh, who am I kidding - I was disappointed anyway :(

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I've been away from the computer for a couple of days - the weather has been so bloody good; far too good to waste it sitting inside hunched over a keyboard! But I can't let the weekend pass without some thinky-thoughts on the Doctor Who finale.

There was good and bad - but mostly I'm pretty ambivalent about it. I don't feel quite as let down as I did by The Big Bang, but I suspect that's because my expectations weren't very high to begin with.

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I've been looking forward to this one since I heard that James Corden was returning to DW to reprise his role as Craig. I thought The Lodger was one of the best episodes of S5 and I've enjoyed Gareth Roberts' work on both DW and SJA, so I was predisposed to like Closing Time anyway.

And like it I did.

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I've been AWOL from here for a while and didn't get around to posting my thoughts on The Girl Who Waited )

I said after LKH that I was looking to the four standalone episodes between LKH and the series finale to regenerate my enthusiasm for Doctor Who, and I have to say that the three that have aired so far have been some of the most enjoyable episodes of S6.

The God Complex was creepy and claustrophobic, starting out as one thing and turning into another. Toby Whithouse is forever on my "good" list for penning School Reunion, and here again, he gets to show us something of the Doctor's darker side and to get under his skin, just a little. It's not that we were told anything we didn't already know - I suppose I just wasn't expecting it at this point in the series.
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Anyone who reads my LJ either regularly or just for telly-related stuff knows (I hope) that I try to offer a considered opinion and to express my views politely.

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I read something today which reminded me of a comment I'd made concerning the current series of DW.

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My last post about the last ep of DW was more about all the unanswered questions that have been left hanging for three months rather than the episode itself, so now I've had a chance to rewatch it, I've got More Thoughts.

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So, revealed at last, River Song is -

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This is kind of a difficult review to write because the episode itself wasn't really all that much to write home about, was it? So here are some brief thoughts before I head off into other territory, because I have a rant brewing.

NB - Spoilers for the next episode beneath the cut.

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... but i'm so tired I can't think straight anyway, so I thought I might as well add my crackpot / exhaustion induced theories to the pile.

I watched The Rebel Flesh again the other night and remembered some of the stuff I forgot to put in my original post.

ETA - I refer to the synopsis for ep 7 in this

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I'm about to take a nose-dive into the laptop, so I'll stop there although I'm sure I've left something out. I'd love to hear your theories, too - crackpot or otherwise :-)
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Well. That was an improvement on Fear Her wasn't it?

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Predictably, I’ve got more to say about The Doctor’s Wife. I was so “up” after it finished, and I knew I was missing things out or glossing over things in the post I wrote after the episode aired so I wanted to come back to them and mull over them for a bit.

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I've tried to hide spoilers in this. I'm not saying anything that's not in the public domain, but just in case...

Okay. As a way of trying to stop myself from thinking too hard about what might or might not happen in next week's DW, and about what might be this (highlight to read) thing that will make us look at the series' mythology differently (according to the current issue of DWM) I've decided to post about something that's been bothering me increasingly over the past few weeks.

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Initial - jumbled up - thoughts (before I've read anyone else's.)

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That was a great season opener - I just hope that part two lives up to expectations. The trailer certainly looked damn awesome.

I'm still feeling a bit :( after watching My Sarah-Jane afterwards, so I think I'm just going to go with a list.

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