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I haven't posted much lately about Wot I 'ave Bin Watching on the telly. Partly, that's because I've not been watching much and partly it's because I just haven't got around to it.

But with the new seasons starting on both sides of the Pond, I thought it was time to ask what people are going to be watching and/or looking forward to later.

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So what's everyone else watching/looking forward to?
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I finally managed to watch the S3 finale of Fringe yesterday and... er, well it was pretty timey-wimey and definitely very WTF, especially at the end!

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At last -

Mar. 25th, 2011 08:32 pm
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- some good news.

Fringe renewed for a fourth season!

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I've just caught up with the last couple of episodes of Fringe - and I am totally gobsmacked.

Why are people not raving about this show?

What started out as a bit of an X-files clone has become something very different. Yes, there are aliens, and yes there are nasty-goings-on; yes, there's a man and a woman (an FBI agent named Olivia Dunham) who work together and who are attracted to each other... but there's a lot more than that, too. At the heart of the show is the incredible relationship between the slightly barmy, brilliant and fragile Walter Bishop and his son, Peter - emotionally damaged, with a shady past that seems to have involved a lot of moving around and distrust.

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It occurs to me that I haven't posted much about anything other than work lately.

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Today I have to post about my favourite 'ship. But as usual, it's turned into an essay. Oh well...

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May. 14th, 2009 08:21 pm
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It took me a couple of days, but I watched the season finale of Fringe earlier ... OMG! )
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I’ve not been about much lately – I’m really tired, and all the stuff that’s going on with my job at the moment is stressing me out to the extent that it’s practically the only thing on my mind right now.

That said though, being so bloody tired has meant that rather than working (much) the last couple of evenings, I’ve managed to catch up with some of the shows I’ve been watching.

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I’m compiling a list of shows to catch up on when the ones I’m watching currently go off air. I have the second half of season 2 of Life to watch. I’m really sad that isn’t being renewed, because it’s a great show. A cop show, yes, but Damian Lewis is fabulous in it, and the writing is excellent. I was thinking I might try Mad Men again and maybe Reaper (which I know has been canned, but I can manage to find time to watch 2 seasons of something!) Lie to Me with Tim Roth is starting here next week, so I might give that another go as well. Oh, and a lot of people here rave about Chuck so maybe I’ll try that. Or is there anything else out there you think is more worthy of my attention ;-)


Feb. 8th, 2009 10:25 pm
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Finally, after... well, quite a while, I've managed to find a TV show that I like enough to think that I'd be upset to miss an episode.

Not that I think that anything will come along to equal my obsession with devotion to West Wing, but I'm still pleased to have found something that I like watching on a regular basis.

Fringe isn't especially demanding - although in some ways it is, because all the twists and turns and who is doing what to whom is starting to make my head ache (although it's JJ Abrams, so what did I expect?) - but it's entertaining; Joshua Jackson has just the right amount of snarky world-weariness and I think I'd be quite content to watch it if it was just the Peter and Walter Bishop show. The jury's still out (for me) on Anna Torv, although she's growing on me. Yes it's pure hokum, sometimes it's a bit formulaic, but I like the stories, I like the relationships between the characters and Josh Jackson is still nice to look at, despite being far too young for the likes of me!

I've got one more episode to go before I'm caught up - and then it's time for Leverage, about which I hear all manner of good things.


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