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Yeah, I'm fiddling about with my layout again, and no, it's not finished yet, so I know it looks a bit odd.

But I'm too tired to fiddle with any more CSS tonight :(
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Meh. I've spent most of the evening faffing around and trying to find a nice, autumnal layout. I've got a couple I like, but neither of them are what I want; one of them has white text on black, which I know is difficult for some to read and the other has a background that cuts across any pictures I post, so is crap for looking at picspams.

I'm a member of a few layout comms, but there's nothing there, either - there's a predominance of really light or really dark layouts with the odd inclusion of the really garish.

One of these days, I keep promising myself I'll learn how to make my own, but I can't see that happening in the near future! And in any case, I never really know what I want until I see it!

So I've resorted to one of the LJ layouts for now. I might fiddle a bit more tomorrow, so this space could well undergo a few changes in quick succession.
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I changed my layout (again)... and while I really like the design, I'm not sure whether to fiddle with it some more because I think that maybe it's a bit hard to read.

I'm done fiddling now - I think the hex codes have addled my brain.

What do you guys think?
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I'm bored with my layout (again) so I've changed it (again), to something which was simple to install, because I couldn't be bothered faffing around this time.

The layout I chose didn't look right, so I picked another one. And that didn't look right, so I picked another one. And another.

Each one I've picked and input the CSS for tonight has a turquoise and yellow line running across the screen a few cms from the top, and it also has some strange patterns coming up randomly that aren't in the CSS or anything that I've added in - and I know that because I haven't added anything in! I'm suspicious that it might be some sort of temporary glitch because other layouts that I've used before look fine when I've tried them.

So tell me - can you look at this post and let me know if you see anything odd? The layout I'm using is this one (you'll need to click on the tiny pic and enlarge to see it properly). I might not stick with this layout in the end anyway, it's just that it's simple and easy to spot colours and patterns that shouldn't be there!


ETA: - All fixed now courtesy of [ profile] coloneljack - turns out the layout I was overriding had some commands in it that didn't want to be overridden!


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