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I've seen this around a few LJs, but I stole this particular version from [ profile] chloris67

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I am absolutely exhausted. It's been a very stressful week, and I can't coax my brain into coherence, so I thought I'd do a meme I stole from [ profile] annissag a few weeks back. With a few UK/US adjustments, here's the "key moments" meme - important dates in my life.

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Having seen and been inspired by the housekeeping posts made by some of my f-listees, I thought I should probably have a look through all the fandom-related rambling I did in 2010 and see if it warranted organising. To my surprise, there was quite a lot of it.

Here, then are the thinky-thoughts, reviews, picspams, fanfic and meta that I posted last year:

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Jan. 2nd, 2011 01:03 am
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I think this icon meme has been going around for a while, but I've not done it yet. I gakked it from [ profile] time_converges

It goes like this:

Choose five of my userpics and I’ll tell you something about them. You can comment if you want without opting to play, but if you do want to, say so and I’ll choose five of yours.

Here are the ones she chose.

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Aaaaaand on to the final day - a few days later than anticipated, but better late than never, right?

I thought I needed the extra thinking time to work out an answer to this, which is -

Day 30 - Why do YOU love Doctor Who? )
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To say I’ve been looking forward to this one is an understatement! But it’s also impossible to choose just one favourite piece of music from Nu-Who. Murray Gold has done a fantastic job from Day One, and has, IMO just got better and better as the years have passed. I think the most impressive thing he’s done is re-vamp the original theme – it feels and sounds right (well, it did) but retains the feel of the original as well.

My favourite version though is the Series 4 one, that was used from VotD onwards. It’s not a lot different to the S1-3 theme, but it’s got added “oomph!” – especially in the drums and the ‘cellos and basses. Compared to the revamp for S5, the S4 theme has a grandeur that’s now sadly lacking :-(

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Fortunately, there aren't too many of these. I think there could probably be a lot more if I was given to looking for faults, but my general approach to DW - and to most telly - is to watch for the good things that I enjoy and concentrate on those. My "aargh!" moments are probably fairly small compared to some, but here they are anyway.

Day 27-Something that made you go 'argh!' )
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Today I have to post about something that made me go "awww..."

I think there are different kinds of awww..., but I'm narrowing this down to two - and even then this is long!

Day 26 - Something that made you go Awww... )
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Yes, I'm boringly predictable.

Day 25 - Favourite TARDIS Team )
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Well, this should be an easy one - it IS Doctor Who after all!

Day 22 - Something Silly )
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I was scratching my head a bit about this one, because I wasn't sure if it means location as in where the stories are set, or location as in where they're filmed. If the former, there's a lot to choose from, and if the latter, I'll be taking you on a trip around about three Welsh quarries! *g*

Day 21 - Favourite Location )
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I've been lookng forward to this one :-)

Day 17- Favourite Donna Moment )


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