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Thanks to Ms Tate and Mr Tennant, I have a huge, stupid grin on my face for the first time in days.

If you do nothing else today, listen to their version of We Go Together from the Much Ado soundtrack (it's on iTunes now). I defy you to keep a straight face :-)
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I’ve just finished listening to Murray Gold’s soundtrack to A Christmas Carol and have a few thoughts to share.

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Things like this tend to happen when I'm at home ill, because I get more time to think than normal. So I'm sure you'll be glad to know that I'm on the mend and will be returning to work shortly!

I read a blog post the other day (sorry, but I can’t remember where it was), the subject of which was Ten things we love about Russell T Davies’ Doctor Who.

And it reminded me that I’ve been meaning to do something similar for ages. Though he left Doctor Who more than a year ago, there’s no denying that RTD left his mark on British telly in more ways than one – although DW is, of course, the best known and biggest dent!

But there are a couple of non-DW things I wanted to mention because they made a real impression on me, so they're in here as well.

I struggled with putting these in order – and decided in the end that it’s impossible. So without further ado – and in no particular order –

Ten Things For Which I Will Always be Grateful to Russell T Davies.

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Jan. 23rd, 2011 12:28 am
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I an utterly delighted that Horrible Histories won the award for the Best Sketch Show at the British Comedy Awards tonight.

I know it's a show I've mentioned several times before, but if you've not seen it, or looked at clips on You Tube, then you're missing out. It's the first time a children's show has been recognised this way, and it's about damn time it got noticed. As the guy who made the speech said, they have to make a show that's historically accurate and as entertaining for adults as it is for kids on a CBBC budget! And they do it brilliantly. It IS factually accurate, even if its approach to history is, as is that of the books on which it's based, "History with the nasty bits left in" - because as we all know, kids are fascinated by wee and poo and gore and guts and exploding monarchs!

They've made two series so far - and I hope this award will guarantee them many more. It's easily my kids' favourite show - they've got it on DVD and watch the repeats when they're on.

But the thing that continues to impress me is the quality of the songs they do each week. Writing a GOOD parody is very hard to do - and whoever writes the these - lyrics AND music - is incredibly skilful. Not only are the facts accurate, but the musical styles are recognisable and things that the kids can easily relate to. In the last series we had the Women of WWII singing like Girls Aloud, Vikings doing ZZ Top and Ancient Spartans a la High School Musical - and that's just three out of the twelve that were in this series along (they do one a week - at least).

And - not that I'm a prude, the whole thing is accomplished without excessive innuendo or expletives.

If I've not converted you already, here's a few tasters:

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So the redoubtable Mr Tennant is now recording a musical for Radio 3. I'm not sure whether I'm surprised or not. I remember him mentioning the idea back in October on the Graham Norton show - although it was a bit of a throwaway comment. Having said that though, I'm learning that with him, even the most throwaway of comments is likely to be a pretty good indicator that something's going to happen, because he never gives away much about future projects unless they're pretty much sewn up.

I admit, my first thoughts went something like this -

  • Yay! Murray Gold!

  • Kafka- The Musical??!

  • Giant insects

  • David... ? Oh well, he never can sit still, so I suppose he had to find something to fill the time before he has to start with the nappy changing.

I'm not sure whether to be surprised or not. I mean, he can obviously carry a tune and he's not tone deaf, but as to whether he can actually sing? If, indeed, it's a singing role. It might not be, I suppose. And he's not stupid. He isn't going to do something like this and fall flat on his face, so either the skinny scottish bloke is even more talented than we all realised and singing is another one to cross off the "is there anything he can't do?" list, or he's going to pull a sexy-Rexy and do a kind of on-pitch speaking thing.

I wonder what he'll be up to next week ? ;-)
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Having seen and been inspired by the housekeeping posts made by some of my f-listees, I thought I should probably have a look through all the fandom-related rambling I did in 2010 and see if it warranted organising. To my surprise, there was quite a lot of it.

Here, then are the thinky-thoughts, reviews, picspams, fanfic and meta that I posted last year:

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To say I’ve been looking forward to this one is an understatement! But it’s also impossible to choose just one favourite piece of music from Nu-Who. Murray Gold has done a fantastic job from Day One, and has, IMO just got better and better as the years have passed. I think the most impressive thing he’s done is re-vamp the original theme – it feels and sounds right (well, it did) but retains the feel of the original as well.

My favourite version though is the Series 4 one, that was used from VotD onwards. It’s not a lot different to the S1-3 theme, but it’s got added “oomph!” – especially in the drums and the ‘cellos and basses. Compared to the revamp for S5, the S4 theme has a grandeur that’s now sadly lacking :-(

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My copy of the OST to S5 of Doctor Who arrived on Monday and I've been meaning to say something about it - I just haven't had a lot of time.

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My copy of the DW S4 specials soundtrack arrived today (thank you, Amazon!). I'll probably write a review at some point, but for now, I'm just going to say that I love the extended version of Vale (first heard in The Waters of Mars).

As if Vale Decem isn't hard enough on my tear-ducts on its own, the reprise of Song for Ten in a really haunting arrangement for string orchestra is killing me.

But still - Murray Gold, I bloody love you!
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At long last - the music from the S4 specials has a release date (20th Sept) and has popped up on Amazon.

It's about bloody time :-)

I still think they missed a trick by not having it out in time for the Proms.
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This is the first chance I've had today to get online for any length of time to pontificate about the Doctor Who Prom yesterday night.

It's ages since I've been to the Albert Hall. It's not my favourite venue because the acoustic is so odd, but there's always a fantastic atmosphere at the Proms. It's the first time I've taken my kids to a concert, which is something I've been meaning to get around to for a while.

I managed to get some tickets on the day booking opened - although not the ones I'd wanted. We were up in the Circle, with a clear view of the stage and the big screen (and others that were dotted around) - my Promming days are long gone, I'm afraid. I did it a lot when I was younger, but these days, my back can't take standing up for long periods - and anyway, unless we'd managed to get to the front, the kids wouldn't have been able to see anything, so sitting was a better option.

Anyway. The orchestra was on fine form - I only heard a couple of bum notes! (Believe me, I've heard some pretty ropey performances by professional orchestras in my time). There was a good selection of music, most of it from Series 5 - and while that's not surprising, it was a little disappointing. There's enough top-notch music by Murray to fill an entire concert, and while I recognise (of course) that this is the Proms and they're going to pepper something like this with "classical favourites", I'm not a fan of that sort of concert programme.

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But enough of the moaning - onto the good stuff! And there was a LOT of good stuff. I've been a fan of Murray's music for a while now, and I really do think that he's one of the best composers working in TV and film today. And actually I should include Ben Foster in that, because it's a collaborative effort in that Ben is the orchestrator - and if you're a music nerd (like me) the instrumentations are frequently as interesting as what's actually being played.

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I didn't have time to hang around afterwards to see if I could bag any autographs - I had the kids with me, and I was sure it'd be a scrum-and-a-half! In any case, we had a train to catch and as is typical at the weekends, half the Underground was suspended for engineering work, so I wanted to make sure we didn't end up stranded at Liverpool Street!

I'm still surprised they didn't have a Soundtrack album out in time for this - they'd have sold shedloads!

Oh - the whole thing is available on the iPlayer for the next week and is definitely worth a listen. Being in the audience, I didn't get to listen to the interval talk, but I listened this morning, and that's worth it, too - many of the people who've created/written music for DW over the past 47 years talking about their experience of writing music for aliens!

(If you're interested, but can't find it online, let me know.)

Oh, crap.

Jul. 15th, 2010 08:14 pm
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Well, they've announced the programme for the Doctor Who Prom next week and as I had suspected, both Song of Freedom and Vale Decem are going to be performed.

My kids are going to be soooo embarrassed at the sight of their mother sitting there in floods of tears :(

Remind me to break out the extra-waterproof mascara and a large box of kleenex.
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Well, bollocks. Orbital proves that it IS possible to massacre the Doctor Who theme in a way that outshines even Murray Gold's version for S5.

Oh well...
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On today's show... My favourite title sequence.


I've been trying really, really hard to think of one, but I'm drawing a blank. To be honest, if I'm watching a show on DVD I'm likely to skip the title sequence. I'm sure there are good ones - and for me, I think it depends as well on whether I like the title music or not. So yeah, I liked the OLD nu-Who title sequence because I liked the re-vamped theme. I still shudder in horror at the new version, though.

But a favourite title sequence?

I really don't think I've got one. So instead, I bring you awesome feem toons!

Stand By for Action! )

Now that's more like it!
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I'm watching Dan Gillespie of The Feeling on Sky Arts talking about his songs. One of the things that's always grabbed me about them is the incredible use of harmony. I've been geeking out at the modulations and chord progressions in Never Be Lonely and I Love it When You Call.

Gah. I wish I could do stuff like that.

Seriously, it's worth watching - it's called "The Feeling - Songbook" and if you've got Sky+ it's on again in the early hours so set the timer!
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Okay, so I hated the new title music.

But THIS is the track that is going to wear out my mp3 player when the soundtrack album is released :)

It's in 7/8! (or 7/4). I do love me some irregular time signatures *g*

I can hear echoes of All the Strange, Strange Creatures, Gallifrey, Our Childhood Home and The Doctor Forever, to name but a few.

They're not necessarily direct quotes - more often it's a chord progression or something in the instrumentation. It's subtle, but a great way of reminding us it's the same show.

Nice one, Murray!

ETA - here's a link to what's being called Amy's Theme. I'm assuming that's Melanie Pappenheim again.
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Oh, Murray Gold - you know I love you.

But WHAT THE FUCK did you do to the theme music??!!

The rest of it - lovely. But that has to be the ONLY time I've been grateful when the continuity announcer has spoken all over the closing credits.


Jan. 26th, 2010 10:43 pm
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You know how I've said that I love music that rips out my heart and stamps on it?

I've been poking around teh interwebz trying to find out if/when a soundtrack album of Murray Gold's music for last year's Doctor Who specials will be released, and I found this on YouTube.

It's the music from the final section of EoT, that beautiful piece of vocal music (Vale Decem - Farewell Ten) that we hear as the Ood appears and the Doctor struggles back to the TARDIS for the final time, followed by the full-blown choral version of the Doctor's theme that we hear leading up to the regeneraton scene.

About twenty seconds of it was all I could take; and I couldn't even watch the video, which, from the little I've seen appears to be a compilation of "best bits".

What the hell is wrong with me??

Yeah, I've gone well and truly round the bend. Just move along and ignore the crazy lady sobbing in the corner...
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I think most of you know I'm a musician - not that I get to be all that musical these days, but still, it's how I describe myself.

One of my passions, since I was about 14 - is film music. I get very geeky about things I'm interested in, and amazingly the geekyness paid off about 20 years later when I was working in the music biz.

Anyway, this is a roundabout way of explaining that while I've long been into music for the movies, I've not been so much into music written for television. I've nothing against it; I've just not thought about it very much, and I suppose that's because it tends (obviously) to be on a smaller scale; it's often 'bitty', and not something I'd choose to sit down and listen to.

But I have to admit - there's one piece of telly music that's stuck in my head over the last few days, and I defy anyone not to get a get a lump in their throat, especially in the last minute or so. It always reduces me to a puddle - even moreso right now, considering the... er... associations it evokes *sniffle*

Murray Gold's Songs of Captivity and Freedom - gets me every time.

And there's a version for orchestra and choir that kills me all over again. (Switch off the video and just listen.)

ETA: I think that last version has been - as we used to say years ago - 'cut and spliced', but it still sounds okay!)


Jun. 26th, 2009 09:22 pm
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I know teh interwebz is full of it, but I couldn't let today pass without saying how sad I was to hear of the death of Michael Jackson.

I know that his life - especially in the last couple of decades - was more renouned for its weirdness than for his music-making. I was working for Sony when the child abuse scandal was at its height and I remember the time he turned up at our offices - I've never seen so many blacked-out limos, SUVs and HUGE men dressed in black wearing cool shades!

He was obviously a very troubled individual. A worldwide superstar from a very young age, he lived almost the whole of his life in the public eye - not easy for anyone.

That said - I want to remember his incredible talent. As a performer, I think he was second to none. Reports are saying that he was the most important musical talent since Elvis, and I'm inclined to agree.

His music speaks for itself.



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