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An entry by someone on my f-list reminded me that I wanted to post something about the public sector workers' strike that's taking place on Wednesday this week.
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I seem to have spent much of today looking for things. Not many things, it's true, but I am absolutely anal about knowing Where Things Are. It's horrible sometimes. Kids have toys with lots of bits to them - jigsaw puzzles, dolls' outfits and the like - and I have to hunt like mad for missing bits before I can put them away!

Today, I've been looking for a piece of sheet music that I think would be a good song for Cazlet #1 to learn. I know I've got it but I've looked everywhere I can think of and it's not around. It used to be on the keyboard because Cazlet #2 used to like singing it and I'd (attempt to) accompany her - but it's not there now. (Mr Caz tidies up and I never know what he does with things!) I've looked in the folder I keep my sheet music in - nope. In/on my desk, in the kitchen, on the bookshelves - also nope. And it's driving me bonkers. I can buy it again for just over two quid, but that's not the point!


On the other hand, this icon makes me very happy :-) As do the promo pictures it's made from. It's about time there was more Tennant/Tate awesomeness in the world :-)
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I meant to post this yesterday but I got sidetracked playing with the very simple version of photoshop I've got on here and didn't get around to it. But today, I've been playing around with it using some of the photos I took over the weekend and here are the results.

We'd decided a few weeks back to make use of the one-year-ticket we'd acquired at Leeds Castle last autumn when we visited and for once, we appear to have picked the right time to go, because the weather was glorious. We had a jam-free trip from home to Leeds which meant the journey only took 1 hour 40 minutes! I don't expect that'll ever happen again.

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Well - sort of. The spare bedroom which doubles as my computer room/workroom is usually a bit of a mess. I've got a big(ish) table in there which is always buried under piles of books (that won't fit on the bookshelf in there!) and work-related stuff, and a corner desk which has the PC on it. Above that is a shelf that's currently home to a large number of full-to-the-brim lever arch files containing several years' worth of lesson plans and a couple of others that contain household stuff (bills etc.)

That's not the half of it, but here's my problem.

Are you a hoarder, or are you one for chucking out anything that's been sitting around for more than a fortnight that you haven't used?

I think I tend to be a bit in the middle - quite ruthless with some things and not so much with others. I'm good at chucking out old clothes (mine and the kids'!) and toys and the other bits and pieces of kids' stuff that seems to accumulate without effort. I'm usually a lot more circumspect when it comes to things like CDs, DVDs and books - not many of those make their way to the charity shop.

So. I have a grand total of six lever arch files which are packed with lesson plans plus a couple of others which contain other stuff I did while I was training from 2005-6. My head is telling me that I'm unlikely to use them again and that anything related to CPD (Continuing Professional Development) is going to require more recent stuff.

But... I'm oddly reluctant to bin it all. I think that the majority of the plans are stored either on a CD or on my PC, so I can access it all fairly easily.

I should just chuck it all out. Shouldn't I?
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As usual, half-term has flown by and it's back to the grind on Monday. I've started to make a list of all the stuff I need to do; I didn't get to finish all my assessments or input the data I do have because I was ill, so that's at the top of my list. It's going to be a long week though - it's the school show on Weds, Thurs and Fri and I said I'd play in the band, so that'll be three late nights. I live too far away to be able to come home after school and go back again which is a bit of a pain, but it does at least mean that I have a few hours each night to get stuff done.
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Jun. 26th, 2010 10:30 pm
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I got a thing in the post today about renewing the photo on my driving license. I wasn't aware that I needed to renew it, but it seems that these new-fangled ones that have a photo on have to be renewed every ten years.

Okay. But the bastards want to charge me twenty quid for doing something I didn't ask for and don't see the point of, because my appearance hasn't changed all that much over the last ten years!

I remember when Mr Caz got his license in 2002, and all the aggro he had when he submitted his photo. It can't be this and it can't be that, oh, and if you wear glasses the frames mustn't cover ANY of your eyes and if they do, you have to take them off, and also no lens-glare and, and, and... seriously, it took him about 3 attempts to send them a photo they would accept.

But I ask you, what is the fucking point of taking your glasses off for a photo that could be used to identify you if you wear glasses all the bloody time anyway and nobody that knows you would probably recognise you without them??

Like I don't pay enough in road tax and fuel tax already.
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Email problem seems to have been sorted - let me know if you get any more random stuff from me, 'k?

I blitzed all the computers in the house with big, fuck-off anti-virus and anti-everything checks yesterday afternoon, so fingers crossed that's killed the bastard. The annoying thing is, it seems to have come via a reputable website I use a lot (the Times Ed). I think I'll be giving that a wide berth for a bit, but it's a pain, because they have a lot of useful teaching resources there and it appears to have been something I downloaded from there that caused the problem.

I've been to the dentist and hopefully had the problem fixed. The anasthetic is only just starting to wear off and I reckon I'm going to be pretty sore for a while, so it's back to the painkillers for me, I think. I'm also on another course of anti-biotics, so it's been an expensive few days.

So it's back to school tomorrow. I've had a days' stay of execution - it comes to something when you'd rather go to the dentist than go to work, doesn't it?
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This one comes from [ profile] snorkel_maiden

She gave me five random questions -

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May. 14th, 2010 10:54 pm
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I can't believe I haven't mentioned this yet.

Tomorrow is Quaggy day!

One of my earliest online friends, we've known each other for... it must be at least five years; she's over here on holiday and we're meeting up tomorrow. Squeeee!
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Just in time for the end of half term, I feel like I'm getting a cold :(
I should've expected it - I normally go down with something around this time of year, but I was hoping I might've escaped it this year. Next week is going to be incredibly busy with the school show, so I hope that whatever this is won't knock me flat like the last cold I had.
I think an easy day is called for.
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I went to bed just after nine last night - I couldn't even manage to stay awake to watch Dexter, so I'll have to catch up with that later. I can't remember the last time I went to bed that early.

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Well, I wouldn't put money on it, but today was gorgeous.

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Well, I'm feeling marginally more human today. My sleep patterns are completely skewed so I'm going to have to try to get them back on track or I'm going to be screwed when I go back to work next week, but at least I'm not feeling so wrung out as I was.

Abigail's room is decorated, the new bed and wardrobe arrived today and Mr Caz is currently having fun (not) putting them together.

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I hope I'll feel up to going out tomorrow because I need to get a few things for Abigail's room. Luckily, I'd gotten most of my lessons planned for next week in advance, so there's not much in the way of actual work to do - although I do now have to write an application for my job! I hope I'm not going to have to do anything too elaborate though - I feel pretty damn stupid as it is, writing an application for the job I'm already doing, but I'll feel even moreso if I have to jump through all the usual hoops and include the personal statement of trumpet blowing etc.

I guess I'd better update my CV first. I'll do that, and then procrastinate some more.

*goes off to find latest episode of Leverage*
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I can't remember the last time I felt this rough. It's not as though this cold or whatever it is has been particularly bad - I'm not coughing badly or streaming with snot, I just feel terrible, and have done for the last three days. Last night was horrible - my nose, mouth and throat were so dry they hurt, my nose felt (and still feels) bunged up, although it wasn't, it's my sinuses, my backside is still sore, so I'm limited as to sleeping positions... oh, the self-pity goes on and on.

But what really did for me last night was Mr Caz's incessant snoring. He tells me I snore, too, and I probably do, but I'm sure I couldn't match him for stamina and style. I really can't describe it - it's loud and practically continuous. He's bloody lucky I didn't have a cricket bat handy, because let me tell you, after having been awake for three hours due to the noise, I'd have had little or no hesitation using it. And before anyone suggests it, there's no point moving to another room, because his snoring can be heard all over the house. Work nights, I'm in bed and asleep before him, and usually, I'm out like a light, so I manage okay most of the time, but when you're ill and it's harder to sleep anyway, it's just... well, horrible isn't a strong enough word, but it'll have to do.

He takes the kids swimming on Saturday mornings, so I did have some peace and quiet then, but I couldn't bloody well get to sleep. So now I'm up and wandering around like the living dead, and probably looking like it, too. It's a nice day, the sun is shining and all I want to do is crawl back into bed, but that won't happen. I'm at the too tired to sleep stage, I think - my eyes are dry and sore and my head is muzzy - I'll just have to dose myself up on the Lem-Sip and hope I can last out until bedtime.
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Question - What's the point of having an 8 grand limit on your credit card if the card issuer stops the card when you try to purchase something for more than a fiver?

Don't get me wrong - I'm glad that some companies at least are keeping a watch on what their customers spend and taking action if they think something unusual is going on. But I was just trying to buy Abigail a new bed and wardrobe for around £300, and even though I'm enrolled on one of those online verification services, I still couldn't complete the purchase using my Tesco Credit Card.

So I had to phone one of those bloody 0845 numbers, input all sorts of info using the phone keypad, listen to the first movement of Bach's Brandenburg Concerto No.6 about five times - before I finally got to speak to someone in the "fraud" department who informed me that there was a routine "fraud watch" on my card. I pointed out that this seems to happen to me a lot - I'll be trying to make a purchase of a couple of hundred quid or so, only to find the card has been stopped. Luckily, I do have other cards and even though the woman I spoke to said they'd sort it immediately, I took great satisfaction in telling her that, no, sorry, I wouldn't be using my Tesco card because I'd already used my Amex.

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Yesterday, I meant to post something about my trip to London on Saturday, but I didn't get round to it.

So better late than never... and sadly minus photos, because somebody who shall remain nameless, but who is the only man in the household, forgot to tell me that the memory card on the camera was full up.

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Sunday. No kids home. Bit of a lie in, followed by some pottering about doing stuff- ironing, marzipanning (a new verb!) the Christmas Cake, nice bath before heading around to mum's for lunch.

That was the plan at 9.30

It was pretty much shot by 9.45.

Mr Caz had to pop to the shops to pick up a few things for the kids' lunches tomorrow. He took my car - I got it back from the repairers last week. Oh, it's not actually been repaired yet. I mean the incident was only about ten days ago, and clearly, the replacement wing-mirror that I need is on a slow boat from China. Or rather, seeing as the car's a Mitsubishi, Japan. But it's driveable and we need the second car, so rather than leave it at the garage while we wait, we thought we'd swap cars so that Mr Caz can use mine for local trips while I use his for work and back.

Anyway, he took my car and about five minutes later, he calls me to say that the car has broken down. The brakes locked up and he stopped bang in the middle of the main road. Luckily, on the weekend, that's not a very busy main road, but he was lucky the car behind him didn't smack into the back of him. Someone helped him to get the car around the corner, where it's currently parked on a double yellow. But that involved towing the car without the back wheels moving, so that's probably a couple of new tyres I'm going to need as well, on top of everything else.

I have breakdown cover, so I called them. They sent someone fairly promptly, but they need a different lorry (!) - despite the fact that I'd told the people on the phone that we thought the back brakes had locked. That message didn't get through to the guys at their local garage, because they were under the impression that the car had konked out and wouldn't start.

So now Mr Caz is waiting for the breakdown truck to arrive to bring the car back here. Luckily, there's a guy down the road who's a mechanic and who does the MOT and servicing etc. and he'll be a damn sight cheaper than a garage, but it's yet more expense AND inconvenience that I just don't need right now.

I'm not in the mood to do anything, now. The place is a tip, my hair looks like something the cat dragged in and the last thing I feel like doing is being out of the house for the afternoon because I have a lot to do. That I don't want to do, but which needs doing. Don't get me wrong - I have no problems at all with my parents, and I know that my mum will be happy for me to do whatever I need to do, but I would far rather sit indoors with a sandwich, a large bag of crisps and a load of chocolate.

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The London leg of the Demented Fangirl Reunion TM went well yesterday, although we did miss our partner in crime, [ profile] coloneljack.

Having booked tickets to see Under the Blue Sky which starred Francesca Annis and Catherine Tate for that evening, [ profile] hooloovoo_42, [ profile] zinke and I headed off on the bus to the Imperial War Museum.

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We spent the afternoon there, went back into town for a meal and on to the play. It was very enjoyable - a series of three "two-handers", each of the six characters being a teacher (!). Most of them based in Essex :-) Which was a source of great amusement - [ profile] zinke said she could feel me squirming in my seat at the various references. And I have to say that the writer got a lot of things spot on about the nature of the job!

Anyway, time flew and before we knew it, the lights went up and it was time to leave, and to ask the big question, "to stalk, or not to stalk." Given it was still fairly early, we decided on the former, and met and chatted to most of the cast including Francesca Annis, who is looking fabulous (still!) and to Catherine Tate, who came out with an adorable little pooch! We chatted a little and she signed our programmes - and then caught sight of Fenny's t-shirt, exclaimimg "Oh, I LOVE him!" Hee! A quick Brad/WW discussion followed, Fenny and I had our pic taken with her, and we said goodnight.

And it didn't rain - hurrah!
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At last - Tuesday 15th. The day I get my broadband back!

Well, you remember how I said I wasn't going to hold my breath? It's just as well I didn't.

No broadband because yesterday BT told Sky not to activate it for some reason that they (BT) have chosen to keep to themselves.

I really do feel as though I'm banging my head against a brick wall. I've lost count of all the phonecalls I've made, although I do have a load of complaining emails that I've sent. Thing is, every call, every email comes from a different person and tells a different story. I've asked to speak to supervisors and/or managers, I've asked for people's names so that I can contact them again - but all to no avail.

The saga is continuing however, because BT has given a new activation date of 23rd, but I don't believe that either. Mr Caz spoke to BT at lunchtime and then they started talking about the 28th - I have no idea where the hell that came from!! When I spoke to Sky, they still tell me 23rd. I have basically BEGGED Sky to get in touch with BT so that I can get back online.
I've been promised a call back from Sky tomorrow, but I'm not going to hold my breath for that either.

But, mighty and knowledgeable f-list, I have a question for you.

I've had a look around BT's website and there isn't even a postal address for complaints any more - all there is is an email facility via the site.

I've not been able to get a name of someone that I can write to, either.

Can anyone out there suggest where I might be able to find out who and where I can write to? Short of just addressing an envelope to "The Chief Executive, British Telecom plc", I'm coming up a blank. And if anyone has any other ideas of who the hell I can complain to, I'd be delighted to hear them!


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