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Bonjour - je suis revenue de France!

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Things have been a bit busy this week, which is why I'm somewhat behind on reading and commenting on stuff.

On Tuesday, Mr Caz's step-mum and his sister and other half came down for a couple of days. Sister and OH stayed at the Premier Inn just up the road (we could have put them up, but I think that OH likes to be able to get away from the kids!) and step-mum stayed with us, so Sunday and Monday were occupied in "Operation Tidy-Up" (*starts whistling The Great Escape!*)

It's nice to have the house a bit tidier than usual, but the downside is that Mr Caz puts things where nobody can ever find them again. As a result, we spent hours on Tuesday evening looking for the Sky remote, which was eventually discovered at the bottom of a basket full of ironing. I. Don't. Even...

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I found this on tumblr and it made me smile.

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If anybody wants me, I'll be that puddle of goo on the carpet...

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I meant to post this yesterday but I got sidetracked playing with the very simple version of photoshop I've got on here and didn't get around to it. But today, I've been playing around with it using some of the photos I took over the weekend and here are the results.

We'd decided a few weeks back to make use of the one-year-ticket we'd acquired at Leeds Castle last autumn when we visited and for once, we appear to have picked the right time to go, because the weather was glorious. We had a jam-free trip from home to Leeds which meant the journey only took 1 hour 40 minutes! I don't expect that'll ever happen again.

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It was another bright day (mostly) today, but it's still a bit chilly out. I'd already designated today "work day", so I spent most of the afternoon inputting marks onto the school's data system which I can access from here. Mind you, it's not just a case of putting in a number. Nope, I had to write a comment for each pupil as well, along the lines of what we used to do for end of year reports. Fortunately, we don't have to do that every half term, but as the system has only been up and running since last term and last time, I did just put numbers in, I thought I should show willing this time and do a bit more.

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In other news - DW spoilers abound, but I'm not reading all of them. (I haven't even got round to reading the RT yet!) It's reached the point actually where there's not a lot of new info filtering through, and let's face it, we all know damn well that SM is keeping his cards close to his chest and that the DW team are generally pretty tight lipped about the really big stuff. So while I'm intrigued, I'm (at the moment) quite happy to wait to find out what the hell is going on. Whether I'll still be saying that at 7pm on the 23rd remains to be seen. Btw - is part 2 going out on the Sunday? I assumed it was, for some reason, but haven't seen a confirmation. As [ profile] crossoverman indicates in comments, it's entirely possible (not to mention likely) that I've dreamed that one up.

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And in a spectactular scheduling balls-up, Auntie is presenting us with two helpings of DT on the same day at the same time. Grrrrr... Thank gawd for the iPlayer.

This -

Mar. 5th, 2011 11:26 pm
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- has made my day :-)

I know, I know. Little things please little minds...

But look at those dimples!

(Pic snagged from DT on Twitter)

And seriously - Comic Relief has missed a trick. Given the number of women (I assume they were women!) who had emailed in promising to donate £X in exchange for a wink (and bless him, the boy did 'em proud and got in some tongue action as well!) they could make a bloody fortune by just sticking David Tennant in front of a camera for a couple of hours and getting him to take requests!
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It's half-term and I've had a hectic couple of days so far this week. I took the kids out shopping yesterday and today we all schlepped to London and back for the Doctor Who Experience at Olympia.

It's been a mixed bag of a day, really. The DWE was pretty good - with one major drawback (more on that later) - and the kids thought it was awesome, which was the important thing. But tickets, train fares and a pizza afterwards hasn't left any change out of £200. For a day out. Ouch.

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ETA: I've just seen the news that Nicholas Courtney has died :( RIP, Brigadier.
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I'm not usually one for blokes in leather.

I think I may have just changed my mind.

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Well, it brightened up an otherwise shite Monday :-)
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See? I told you I was good at it! To be fair (to myself), I do have my school laptop open on the other side of the table, have attempted (without success) to access my school email, sent some other emails because there is Stuff I Need To Find Out Before Wednesday, and opened up some lesson plans and resources. I am - or was - in the process of transferring some information from Notebook to Powerpoint (yeah, whoever wrote the resources has an Interactive Whiteboard, and I don't!) and reading through said plans so I know what I actually have to DO in the lessons. Fortunately, I've got a relatively easy couple of days Thurs and Fri, despite having double year 9s on Friday morning! It's Monday that's going to be the killer because of the fact that I have to teach French and Music immediately after each other and the classrooms are at opposite ends of the school.

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Somehow, I forgot to post a pic of the prezzie [ profile] hooloovoo_42 brought me (from her and my fellow DFGs, [ profile] zinke and [ profile] digitalred93) when she came to stay -

My mates went to TimeGate and all I got was... )

Can't for the life of me think why they got me that. *g*

Okay, yeah. Maybe I can. *glomps them all!*
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I went to bed just after nine last night - I couldn't even manage to stay awake to watch Dexter, so I'll have to catch up with that later. I can't remember the last time I went to bed that early.

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Well, I wouldn't put money on it, but today was gorgeous.

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Just back from a short break in and around London and I thought I'd post some pics. We've not been away for a "proper" holiday this year - instead we've had odd days out here and there, which have probably cost us just as much, but what the hell! So we did a fair bit of walking and sightseeing - took the kids to The Sound of Music one evening, which Elinor and I have seen, but the others hadn't. It was the first time Abigail had been to a show so she was very excited and behaved herself beautifully - she asked "Daddy, what time does the film start?" - awwwww!

I enjoyed it, but I have the same reservations as before - the kids are good, the woman singing the part of the Abbess is fantastic but the Maria is pretty average vocally - she had a very nasal tone, which started to get on my nerves about half way through! But then, I'm picky about things like that.

Anyway, on with the photos!

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So we're home and, apart from Elinor's birthday on Wednesday, hoping to have a fairly quiet week before I go back to work next Monday (ick).
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The London leg of the Demented Fangirl Reunion TM went well yesterday, although we did miss our partner in crime, [ profile] coloneljack.

Having booked tickets to see Under the Blue Sky which starred Francesca Annis and Catherine Tate for that evening, [ profile] hooloovoo_42, [ profile] zinke and I headed off on the bus to the Imperial War Museum.

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We spent the afternoon there, went back into town for a meal and on to the play. It was very enjoyable - a series of three "two-handers", each of the six characters being a teacher (!). Most of them based in Essex :-) Which was a source of great amusement - [ profile] zinke said she could feel me squirming in my seat at the various references. And I have to say that the writer got a lot of things spot on about the nature of the job!

Anyway, time flew and before we knew it, the lights went up and it was time to leave, and to ask the big question, "to stalk, or not to stalk." Given it was still fairly early, we decided on the former, and met and chatted to most of the cast including Francesca Annis, who is looking fabulous (still!) and to Catherine Tate, who came out with an adorable little pooch! We chatted a little and she signed our programmes - and then caught sight of Fenny's t-shirt, exclaimimg "Oh, I LOVE him!" Hee! A quick Brad/WW discussion followed, Fenny and I had our pic taken with her, and we said goodnight.

And it didn't rain - hurrah!


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