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A few months back, I bought a copy of Windows 7 to install on my PC or my laptop. My PC is running Vista already (and I've not had any problems with it) but the laptop only runs XP - it was Vista originally, but I was unable to put Vista back on when I had to wipe the HD because of a virus a year or so back.

But I decided to put Windows 7 on the PC, because I'm coasting this laptop through until I can afford a new one - it's 4 or maybe 5 years old now and gets a lot of use, and a new one will come with Windows 7 already, so...

Anyway, all was going well - I'd backed everything up, the installation went without a hitch... until I started to put my programs back on. First up was Norton AntiVirus... which caused the PC to crash. I tried again - another crash.

When I spoke to my Dad, he'd had the same problem. WTF? It's the latest version of Norton and according to the compatility check I did before I installed Windows 7, it's fully compatible.

Fortunately, because this happened to my Dad, he had to buy a new anti-virus program and it covers 3 users, so he's letting me have a copy of his, but if it wasn't for that, I'd have to shell out for another program when the one I've got has still got about 8 months on the license. I'll be having a moan at Norton - although I doubt I'll get anywhere.

Snow Day #3

Jan. 8th, 2010 06:25 pm
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Another day at home for me - but this time school was actually closed so I don't feel so bad. Mind you, given that we had another fairly heavy snowfall late last night, I don't think I'd have been able to get in anyway. I've done bugger all workwise - just made a couple of powerpoints; I've spent the rest of the time trying to tidy up some of the files on my laptop and PC. I'm fairly organised, but I always find that there's either a)stuff that you put somewhere just so you can... er... put it somewhere and b) stuff you save that you keep adding to and which ends up needing it's own folder or something.

I usually find that's more of a problem with pictures and icons than anything else - I save them so I don't forget about them, and then end up spending ages organising them all at a later date. I'm nice and tidy now though - and I can't complain; I've spent the day drooling over staring at sorting out pictures of David Tennant :-)!
Which reminds me, it's time for an icon clear out as well.

Oh, and by the way - does anyone out there have the Last-FM playlist widget on their profile page? I reorganised my page the other day and in doing so, took out the coding for the widget - and now I can't find it again on their website. Help, anyone?

So this week has been kind of a false start. That crappy course on Monday, a day in school on Tuesday and I've not been in the rest of the week! I've got a couple of things to do over the weekend, but most of my stuff is at school, so I'm not going to bust a gut for once.

And now Thunderbirds is on the telly. ;-)
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Gah - I have been computerless for best part of today. I've been having some problems with the broadband connection here for a few weeks; it's just taken to dropping in and out when it feels like it which is incredibly annoying when I'm in the middle of something. Also, the phone line has been playing up; having a conversation with anyone on the land-line has invariably led to me having to ask the other person to yell so I can hear them over the inordinate amount of crackling and hissing coming down the line. Of course the two problems are related, and no - and I count myself fortunate in this - it wasn't to do with the actual line (which would have necessitated dealing with bastard BT), but rather with the connections in the house.

To cut an even longer story short, my Dad came round earlier and we managed to sort it and so far - fingers crossed - its fine.

The other problem was with my laptop which kept dying on me for some unknown reason. Another long story involving much yelling and frustration but which again, seems to be fixed courtesy of a trip to the local laptop fixer (Dad, again).

I hate it when things like that go wrong. I mean, I'm quite capable of doing basic, routine things on computers, but when they don't work, I'm at a bit of a loss.

Luckily, I've learned the hard way to make regular and comprehensive back-ups - although the problem with that is that I now have four or five copies of certain files, which annoys me, because I like things TIDY, dammit!

*deep breath*

So before I roll into bed, I am going to try to resist the temptation to organise and re-organise and do something more constructive instead.

Like edit fic.
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Does anyone know how to import (or whatever it is) a list of feeds from Windows Live Mail on one computer to another? I have a long list of feeds that I read regularly - via Windows Live Mail - on my laptop, and want to have the same list on my PC, preferably without having to go to each individual website and re-subscribe to the feed. If I can even do that, that is.

I've tried exporting the feeds to the public folder on the laptop and then importing them from the public folder via the PC - but that didn't work.

I'm running vista on both machines. Any ideas anyone?
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A while back, my PC started switching itself on and off at random. I'd be in the middle of doing something and it would shut itself down for no apparent reason, and then once off, would boot itself up again. It didn't start out that way though, it progressed from doing it every so often to every day, every few hours until it was doing it every few seconds.

So it went off to the PC clinic (aka my parents' house) and Dad eventually found out what was wrong with it and it was fine.

Until last week, when it started doing it again.

I still run XP on the desktop - has anyone else come across this problem? Last resort is going to be a new motherboard I guess, which will be a bit of a PITA as the PC is a few years old now, and it's unlikely that all the stuff on it will work with a new motherboard :(

Ideas anyone?
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This is me being technically inept.

I'm trying to delete some files and folders from an SD card so I can put a load of other stuff on there - and I keep getting the message that I can't delete the files because they're write protected. Well, I haven't added write protection to any files, so wtf?

Anyway, anyone know how I can remove the write protection so I can delete the files?

ETA - Problem solved! The bigger SD cards have a tiny switch on the side which acts like pushing out the lugs on old cassettes!

So, [ profile] foreverdreaming, you weren't too far off!


Dec. 10th, 2008 10:05 pm
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Being an organised sort of person, I have my name and address labels for Christmas cards all ready to print out each year. Except that this year, the PC they're on is in bits round my parents', so I had to retype them all on the other one. That wasn't such a bad thing really though, because a bit of weeding was needed and there were some new ones to be added - and now, it's all done.


Does anyone know why, regardless of what make of label you buy, or what set up you choose, the bloody things never print out right?? It usually takes two or three attempts fiddling with the margins and the pitch and all that stuff; and even then I usually end up giving up on that and just adding extra hits of the space bar.

And something which was supposed to have saved me some time... hasn't. *points to icon*
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Yes, I have them. Or something similar.

At various times during the last week, I noticed that my PC, which is upstairs in the spare bedroom/office has been on either in the evening, or when I got home from work. Initially, I just thought I'd left it on, or that one of the kids had switched it on or something.

But yesterday morning, I got up - and it was on. I switched it off. When I got home from work, it was on again. And I know nobody had fiddled with it, because the kids had been out all day, and were still out.

I came home today - it was on again, and in the process of turning itself off. Later, I wanted to use it for something, so I put it on, and then when I went back about 20 minutes later, it had obviously gone off and was starting up again. After that, I unplugged it, because it was literally switching itself on and off every few seconds.

So - WTF? Has anything like this happened to anyone else?

I have Kaspersky security on there, which is pretty good, I think. Both drives are fairly full, and apart from MS Office and Media Player, I have VLC, MSN, AIM, some e-book readers and Bit-Comet on there. I used to have a lot more, but I got rid of quite a bit when I had a new drive a while back.

This has started happening very recently, and I've not put any new programmes on for a while, other than the updates that come automatically from Microsoft. (That PC runs XP).

My Dad's going to have a look at it over the weekend, but I thought I'd ask if anyone out there has any ideas or similar experiences?
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Meh. I'm fed up with my old layout and am trying to find something I like better. Not being technologically adept, I'm fiddling with existing LJ layouts. I'm not sure if I like this one to be honest - and because I post my fic here, I have to make sure I've got something that's fairly legible - no white on black or anything like that.

Anyone out there got any recommendations or ideas?
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Bloody technology!

One of my USB memory stick thingys has died. It was fine yesterday, but today - kaput. Luckily, most of the stuff that was on it was backed up - it was mostly fic - mine and stuff I'm beta'ing for other people. But there were two documents on it that I hadn't had a chance to back up, that included big chunks of newly written stuff.


I only wrote it yesterday, so hopefully, I'll be able to dredge it up from my brain.

But if anyone out there, who's far more techno-savvy than I am (which, let's face it, is practically EVERYBODY!) has any ideas, I'd be only too pleased to hear them!

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Okay, so first of all... *drools at new icon* courtesy of the ever wonderful [ profile] coloneljack. Just what I needed after a totally manic week - a gorgeous man to stare at.

Now the serious stuff. I'm going to treat myself to an mp4 player and am currently looking at either the 80GB iPod or the 60GB Creative Zen one. I have to say, I'm leaning towards the latter - I have a Zen mp3 player which I'm very happy with and I've heard good reports about most of their products. Yes, it's a bit smaller in capacity than the iPod, but that's reflected in the price. I also hear many grumbles about Apple which is why I'm not sold on the iPod. (Oh, and do you have to use iTunes to put everything on an iPod? See, I'm sooooo technically challenged!) So if anyone out there who is much more savvy about this sort of thing than I am - which I'd guess is probably ALL of you! - can help me make my mind up, I'll be eternally grateful! I might even write you some porn when I get time... (but don't hold your breath!)



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