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I HATE and LOATHE WITH A PASSION this twice-yearly pissing about with the clocks. Isn't it about time we stopped it and just stuck with the one time-zone?

and while we're on the subject -

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This isn't something I normally do because I tend to like to keep fic fairly close to my chest until I'm satisfied that it's in a decent enough state to let someone else see it. But I'm still at home - recovering, thankfully - and I'm determined to stay awake so this is by way of stopping me dozing off!

Gakked from many places on my flist:

Post the names of all the files in your WIP folder, regardless of how non-descriptive or ridiculous. Ask about one and I'll tell you something about it, or post a snippet.

I've never been one to be overrun with plot-bunnies, so there aren't too many of these.

Here goes.

DW - Ten and Donna

First night on board
Don't want to go
Unintentional - answered for [ profile] canterlevi
Flying - answered for [ profile] adriana_divolpe
Five (or maybe Four!) Times the Doctor didn't kiss Donna Noble - and one time he did. (Hopefully this will see the light of day fairly soon!)
Tie snippets - answered for [ profile] bas_math_girl
ETA: Forgot one! - Doppleganger crack - answered for [ profile] topaz_eyes

The West Wing - Josh/Donna

Press Scandal fic. (This one has been sitting here 80% done for the last two years and it's starting to annoy me. I keep promising myself that I WILL FINISH IT!)
- answered for [ profile] snorkel_maiden and [ profile] bingblot
Gaza-Hospital fic - answered for [ profile] bingblot
Josh leaving - answered for [ profile] segsig

There ya go. Ask a question or ask for a snippet and I'll do my best to indulge your curiosity!

Oh - and I'm posting answers in comments rather than in separate posts to save spamming the f-list!
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Because the current challenge at [ profile] het_reccers is The West Wing, I wandered over to my Josh/Donna fanfic recs page to have a look for some links to post.

I was already aware that there have been some changes since I originally posted the recs - sites have been taken down or moved and I'm also aware that I've not been at all diligent in updating the posts. In my own defence, there are rather a lot of posts and recs and links; it's a massive job to update them all, and I don't have the time to do it at the moment. I'll try at some point, but I have no idea when!

But I have been updating links on the post that links to author's sites.

Again, a number of sites have disappeared or moved. I've made some changes to the lists, but if you're aware of any moves that I haven't found, please comment here, or at that post and I'll change it. And if you're an author and I've not found your new site or fic-home yet, please do the same so I can make the change.

And now I'm going back to trying to decide what fic(s) to rec...
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Gakked from a timely reminder by [ profile] hooloovoo_42

Has it really been five years?

It's a nice morning, Mr. McGarry.

We'll take care of that in a hurry. Won't we, Mike?

and who could forget this? )
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Today - The best Pilot episode.

This is going to come as no surprise. The first episode of The West Wing is, quite simply, perfection. In 42 minutes, we were introduced to a set of characters we were going to come to know and love over the next seven years, and each and every one of them (well, almost) was beautifully drawn and expertly played. These were people with baggage and flaws and Sorkin laid them out for us to see right from day one. That doesn't mean they didn't develop - of course they did - but in essence, what we got of them in the pilot was absolutely who they were.

The sequence where we meet Josh, CJ, Leo and Toby is masterful as in a few short moments we learn something about them which completely encapsulates them as people. CJ at the gym trying to make time for a personal life, Josh clearly not having one as he wakes up from his desk (not for the first time judging by the way the cleaners are just working around him), Leo being dapper, urbane - and a real stickler for the details, Toby's wonderful, gruff pedantry.

I don't think it was the tie that got me into trouble )
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Today’s post is about my favourite quote.

Yeah. Another Mission Impossible. As any self-respecting West Wing fan knows, there is a WW quote for practically every occasion, so it’s going to be impossible to choose ONE favourite.

LOADS of quotes under the cut )
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Today I have to post about my favourite 'ship. But as usual, it's turned into an essay. Oh well...

Shippiness behind the cut )
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Today's theme is - favourite kiss.

You must remember this... )
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Today on the 30 Day meme - The Best TV Show Cast.

There's only one possible answer to that:

Although I confess I do love [ profile] zinke's answer, too!

I said when I nominated WW as my favourite show ever, that it was one of those happy accidents where everything just 'worked'. Other than one casting mistake in Season 1, this was an incredible team, from the President himelf down to the assistants, Margaret, Ginger and Bonnie. And it wasn't just because everyone - even Rob Lowe, who I don't think has ever been better - was a good actor. It was more than that - they all just 'gelled'.
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I might have been looking forward to this one. Just a bit. Because... today on the 30 Days of TV meme - my favourite male character.

I don't have to post anything else, do I? You all know where I'm going to go. And that I can't name just one -

Don't make me choose! )
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Today's task - An episode you've watched more than 5 times

Blimey. It's not getting any easier as the days pass, is it?

The diffculty here is the word AN as in only one, because there are quite a few. As you'd expect, they all come from my favourite shows... stands to reason really, because you wouldn't watch an episode more than five times if you didn't like it, would you?

So I can't name just one episode I've seen more than five times.

Lists and vids under here )
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Today - The least favourite episode of your favourite TV show

I think it's safe to say that most West Wing fans didn't like Season Five - which is the first post-Sorkin one. There were certainly some serious characterization problems, especially in the early part of the season, but it wasn’t all bad – it just wasn’t Sorkin :(

Thing is, I think I’ve kinda blocked out the really bad episodes - Access? The Stormy Present? (despite the nice little J/D moments at the beginning) - to the extent that I’m not going to count them. It’s not that they’re "not favourite", they’re just… bad.

So intead, I'm going to pick my least favourite "good" episode. The one that sends me diving behind the sofa is from Season Three - The Two Bartlets. Josh, Amy and Tahiti. I’m sure the rest of it's okay, but I just can’t go there.
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Here we are again!

Today's topic - Favourite episode of my favourite TV show.

I think the words I'm looking for here are Oh. Good. and Grief.

Assuming this means my favourite episode of my favourite show ever – I don’t think it’s possible to answer this question. I mean come ON – we’re talking about The West Wing here, the show that packed as many memorable moments into a single episode as most shows managed over a whole season.

I couldn’t even choose one episode per season, let alone one episode out of seven.

So I'm going to cop out totally on this one and say that you can just pick any episode of the first two seasons. Because even if I did manage to pick one, it'd be a different one tomorrow. And the day after. And the day after that...
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I've been waiting for this one :-)

Today's brief - Your favourite show EVER.

Well - that was predicable )
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... that there really IS a Sorkin quote for every occasion. And I really can't believe, in light of today's events, that none of my like-minded flist has done this yet.

"We think if we hit the ground hard enough, we can make it to the center of the planet and find water?"


"That's not a theory of physics pretty much disproved by Wile E. Coyote?"
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Over the last couple of days, I've watched the six half-hour episodes of The Thick of It, which were broadcast in 2005 and 2007 and... wow.

The show is about a fictional government ministry and the dealings of the minister with the PM's chief spin-doctor Malcolm Tucker (obviously modelled on Alastair Campbell). It's a much harder-hitting version of Yes Minister although the set up is very similar in many ways - it's black, black, black comedy, if comedy is even an adequate term - more like bite you in the arse satire because it presents a picture of government that so many of us believe to be true.

I saw Richard Schiff interviewed on Sky News last week - he's over here filming - and the interviewer mentioned that he should check out this show. It's not in the least like WW - the characters in it are all pretty unlikeable - but I guess it's how us Brits like our political fiction; nasty!

I can't remember how or why I didn't catch the show first time around - it's the sort of thing I'd usually make an appointment with, but if you've never seen it and you like your satire on the sharp side of "biting", then do check it out.

Peter Capaldi as Tucker is quite simply awesome - and it's reminded me that I really wanted to see In the Loop as well, if it's still on anywhere around here!
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I've posted this to my fic journal, so apologies to those of you who are seeing it twice :-)

I started this AGES ago and was unable to get it finished in time to post before Christmas - sorry. So it’s a late present this year – but at least I’m not too late to send you my very best wishes for 2009!

It really wasn't what it looked like, you know.
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Has it really been three years?

I still miss him )
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I've just opened a new LJ to house all the fic I've written so far, and, hopefully, if I ever finish anything else, whatever I write in future.

There's not much there yet, but I'm going to be putting stuff up there and prettifying it shortly, so please add [ profile] caz_fic to your f-list should you feel so inclined.

I'll still post stuff at the usual comms, and I won't be taking down fic I've already posted; I just thought it made sense to have everything in one place.


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