Date: 2011-11-29 11:22 pm (UTC)
I'm worried that he thinks he's in the wrong universe, but that it is his universe but the timeline has totally changed because he didn't survive being brought across from the red universe. So it's still blue, but he doesn't realise that it is because the time line totally changed. BUT, I thought a time line change like that branched us out into a new timeline i.e., a new universe. There is much confusion over at TWoP about this, and no one can really decide or be sure. The general understanding had been that the Amber'verse was altered blue with the bridge to red, but when Peter said that, it kind of shook that understanding. So now I iz also confused (well, even more than I generally am. Fringe makes me feel stupid in ways even TWW didn't manage. At least there was a *possibility* of learning everything that Josh, Toby et al knew).

I don't think Peter really knows anything since he stepped out of the machine. I think he had a moment of understanding and then *poof* he vanished. It seems like he's forgotten stuff that's probably there just out of his grasp atm. I I thought he was aware of being in limbo, but from what he said when told about him appearing to Walter, he wasn't aware of that. Maybe it was just a moment and then he popped out of the lake? It seems like he's seen the future - which makes it so much sadder because he seems to be mourning his missing wife rather than just the woman he'd known 3 years. I think he's also terrified of going for the wrong Olivia again, so he's got major blinders right now. I'm scared that she is *his* Olivia, that the person he's trying to get back to is right in front of him, but he'll not realise. If she were some random other version of Olivia, there's no reason for her to have dreamed about him.

I am intrigued by these new versions of the characters, but I also really miss our originals. It does raise really interesting questions on what makes us who we are. I feel like I loved that particular combination of experiences that made up *our* Olivia and Walter... these ones aren't quite the same. On the plus side, I do, for once, really trust TPTB since they love the characters too, and they aren't stupid.

Anyway, this was much rambling to say that even though I read very interesting theories on Fringe daily at TwoP, I've got no freaking idea what's happening now :-) But Peter is back to bring teh pretty so it's all good :-)
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