Sep. 22nd, 2011

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I love DWM, I really do. Although these days, I tend to read it from about the middle to the end first, because that's the part that has all the video, book and audio reviews and the "Fact of Fiction" section. I'm not so enthusiastic when it comes to reading the stuff about the current series.

But I digress. What I'm moaning about is this.
I suppose this could be considered a spoiler )
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Gakked from [ profile] teresadivicenzo

You are the Fifth Doctor
You are the Fifth Doctor
Take The Doctor Who Personality Test and Horoscope today!
Created with Rum and Monkey's Personality Test Generator.
You are a kind hearted and somewhat shy person. You love cricket and celery, in that order. You like to walk with big strides and always speak as if you are out of breath. You like to have a large group of friends, some of whom will do nothing but complain, but you always remain civil to them. You will kill a teenager in front of your friends who will resent you for it. You will sacrifice yourself to save some chick with lucious rack.

There are certainly a number of teenagers I'd be tempted to murder on a daily basis! And I'm not sure about the cricket, but I DO like celery ;-)


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