Dec. 27th, 2011

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Phew! So that's it for another year. I had a lovely Christmas with the family. My brother and s-i-l came up on Christmas morning and stayed over, which delighted the kids :) -much food has been cooked and eaten, and Santa brought lots of great prezzies. I now have a Kindle, thanks to Mr Caz and the kids, and today is the first chance I've had to really play with it and load it up with stuff. I've got quite a large collection of ebooks on the PC and laptop, so first of all, I had to sort out which ones are bloody DRM and then find a way to strip it off so I could convert them and then load them onto the Kindle. I've done it, but it took me a while to find a way that didn't involve paying for several different format converters. I'm only doing stuff I've already paid for, but even that's probably illegal. IDK.

We've not watched a lot of telly, so I've got a bit of a backlog on the Sky+ to catch up with! We did watch DW (more on that in another post), but I've got Downton, The Borrowers and several other things recorded, which I hope to get to this week. I completely forgot about Ab Fab on Christmas Day - but thankfully, it's on again this week, so I'll watch it them. I've never really been one to complain about repeats, so that's okay :-) I also watched the first part of Great Expectations earlier on, and thought it was pretty good. Ray Winstone as Magwitch is pretty much perfect casting and I thought Gillian Anderson was brilliant. Her portrayal of Miss Haversham as a rather ethereal creature (and the way she was lit and photographed, too) worked really well so that the signs of the steeliness and unpleasantness of her true nature underneath were excellently contrasted. Also, all credit to her for being willing to look such a fright! My one criticism so far though, is that the chap playing the lead looks a little too much like Justin Bieber (or some such teen-idol) for comfort!

So, now I'm making yummy leftover recipes and am planning to do very little for the rest of the week! I know the shops are open more or less all the time these days, but I don't like food-shopping after Christmas, so I tend to shop for the week when I do the Christmas shop.

I've not been around LJ all that much, but I know that their latest (so-called) upgrade has upset a lot of people. My membership is due in the spring, so I'll see how things go and make a decision as to whether I stay here or move permanently to DW at that point. I do already have a DW, and I use the same moniker there as here, so if you've already got one, or have recently set up a DW, do look me up and add me, or whatever the hell they call it over there!


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