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Despite the almost continuous rain, [ profile] hooloovoo_42 and I had an enjoyable day out in London yesterday. Since our days out consist almost entirely of what I can only liken to a pub crawl, although we substitute "Starbucks" for "pub" - and talking for hours, we didn't do anything exciting, but given that between us, we've got a couple of gammy legs and two bad backs, I think the fact that we actually manage to get anywhere at all is cause for celebration!

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Thanks to Ms Tate and Mr Tennant, I have a huge, stupid grin on my face for the first time in days.

If you do nothing else today, listen to their version of We Go Together from the Much Ado soundtrack (it's on iTunes now). I defy you to keep a straight face :-)
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Hey - that rhymes!

I'm fortunate enough to be going to see Much Ado a few times over the summer, but I went for the first time on Saturday night and had one of the best evenings out that I've had in a long time. Of course that was, in large part due to the delightful company afforded by the lovely [ profile] canterlevi, but I think that David Tennant and Catherine Tate may have had a hand in it, too :P

'What, my dear Lady Disdain! Are you yet living?' - about the play. )

'Peace! I will stop your mouth.' - about the dynamic duo )
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I seem to have spent much of today looking for things. Not many things, it's true, but I am absolutely anal about knowing Where Things Are. It's horrible sometimes. Kids have toys with lots of bits to them - jigsaw puzzles, dolls' outfits and the like - and I have to hunt like mad for missing bits before I can put them away!

Today, I've been looking for a piece of sheet music that I think would be a good song for Cazlet #1 to learn. I know I've got it but I've looked everywhere I can think of and it's not around. It used to be on the keyboard because Cazlet #2 used to like singing it and I'd (attempt to) accompany her - but it's not there now. (Mr Caz tidies up and I never know what he does with things!) I've looked in the folder I keep my sheet music in - nope. In/on my desk, in the kitchen, on the bookshelves - also nope. And it's driving me bonkers. I can buy it again for just over two quid, but that's not the point!


On the other hand, this icon makes me very happy :-) As do the promo pictures it's made from. It's about time there was more Tennant/Tate awesomeness in the world :-)
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I always have the feeling that I should Be Doing Something when I'm on school holidays. I managed to get the bulk of my planning done before the end of term, I finished my marking earlier in the week and all I've got left are a few odds and sods. The girls are at my mum's so Mr Caz and I have been doing stuff we've been meaning to do for ages - he's ripped out the bathroom carpet and put down tiles instead, we've been out and bought some odds and ends, got some dry cleaning done, took my watch to the repairers...

For the last couple of hours I've been sitting here wasting time on teh intertubez. I don't do tumblr (and tbh, have no idea what it is really!) but I stumbled across a link to something there which amused me and then wasted even more time by following other links... you know how it is.

There's a comm (I think) called Time and Relative Dimensions in Space which has some excellent DW related posts. I don't know what the reposting etiquette is, but here's some of the things I found to pass the time. I hope crediting that particular tumblr is sufficient - if I've done it wrong, please let me know and I'll correct it.

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... into a not so crappy one.

First of all - this )

And secondly - To the Death is out a couple of weeks early!

I've pretty much mainlined all of Big Finish's "new" Eighth Doctor Adventures over the last few weeks, and I listened to Lucie Miller last night. I was Mrs Grumpypants today, thinking I'd have a couple of weeks to wait for the finale, but no - it's out today. Squee!

I've been writing a (long) post about the fact that I've finally got around to listening to some of BF's stuff. I've been meaning to get to it for a couple of years, and I'm very glad I finally have. I've only scratched the surface of what they do, as my listening so far has (mostly) been confined to the Eight and Lucie stories, but once I've finished with those, I've got a long list of other things I want to listen to.

Recommendations always appreciated!
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Things like this tend to happen when I'm at home ill, because I get more time to think than normal. So I'm sure you'll be glad to know that I'm on the mend and will be returning to work shortly!

I read a blog post the other day (sorry, but I can’t remember where it was), the subject of which was Ten things we love about Russell T Davies’ Doctor Who.

And it reminded me that I’ve been meaning to do something similar for ages. Though he left Doctor Who more than a year ago, there’s no denying that RTD left his mark on British telly in more ways than one – although DW is, of course, the best known and biggest dent!

But there are a couple of non-DW things I wanted to mention because they made a real impression on me, so they're in here as well.

I struggled with putting these in order – and decided in the end that it’s impossible. So without further ado – and in no particular order –

Ten Things For Which I Will Always be Grateful to Russell T Davies.

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I'm just joining in with the general squee about today's news on the Tate 'n' Tennant front.

I'm so glad David was listening to me when I said, back after TRB, that they really needed to team up for Much Ado About Nothing *g*.

If I suggest they do The Taming of the Shrew at some point, do you think he'll take that up, too?!

Now I just have to work out how I'm going to pay for the tickets. In the style of the inimitable Baldrick, I'll have to get down the docks and start doing favours for sailors!


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